Quality, experience and innovative product development

At MAXTENSOR® we ultimately work to provide solutions for real wire tensioning 
needs  in the farm, livestock industrial and construction sectors.
We offer cost-effective and reliable tensioning solutions with quick and easy installation. Therefore, you can achieve
greater profitability for your installations with maximun guarantees. See products »


MAXTENSOR® products are subjected to demanding tests to guarantee maximum quality, the best safety conditions and perfect performance in extreme weather conditions.

All our products are tested by independent and prestigious laboratories.


Backed by more than 15 years’ experience. At MAXTENSOR® we continue to work day after day to excel and always offer our users the best products on the market.
With millions of units sold worldwide, the patented MAXTENSOR® system is widely proven and tested on different applications.


New tensioning needs involve the creation of new products. At
MAXTENSOR® we work to offer novel solutions to make work

All our products are the result of research, innovation and technological development.

Made in Spain (EU)

All MAXTENSOR® products are designed and manufactured in Spain (EU).

Our products are designed with the most advanced techniques and their components are manufactured to strict demands and quality procedures.

Patented products

Our products are protected by industrial property rights worldwide.

All MAXTENSOR® products are patented and registered.


MAXTENSOR® has advanced technical resources and a talented team comprising professionals with extensive technical experience and superb creative capacity.
MAXTENSOR® is a Spanish company that seeks solutions to wire tensioning both at home and abroad.

Our products are sold worldwide through us and our network of distributors, which has a presence on several continents and is expanding all the time.

“We provide MAXTENSOR® to our customers since they were first available. They are value for money and our clients keep coming back for them.”

Shelley Henry - Goodman’s CRT.
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MAXTENSOR® has a network of distributors with a presence in several continents and continuously growing.

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