Applications in industry and construction
Maximum tension, strength and reliability for suspending hanging systems
MAXTENSOR® is perfect for
suspending hanging systems for:

Conduits for electrical cables

Luminaires: lamps and lampshades

Signage and posters




Ducting for fume extraction and air renewal

Industrial and construction range


Loosening wrench for use with mx2-DT and mx2-ind tensor adjustable/loosening tensioners. Recommended for moderate use.



Loosening wrench for use with mx2-DT and mx2-ind tensor adjustable/loosening tensioners. Recommended for intensive use.



Joiner and tensioner for wire from 1.5 to 2.5 mm in diameter.

Includes hole to release the wire.


Threaded termination

Termination for anchoring to concrete ceilings, metal or other supports, thus allowing elements to be suspended.


Toggle termination

Termination used for suspending loads through false ceilings or other spaces in the slab elements


Loop termination

Termination for placing around accessible and strong installation elements (girders, purlins, reinforced concrete structures, etc.)


General characteristics

Reduce installation time by up to 80%

MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind is fast and easy to install. To use it, you don’t need any heavy tools or prior preparation. Thanks to MAXTENSOR®, we can reduce installation time by up to 80% compared to traditional systems.

Adjustable and practical

With MAXTENSOR® MX2-Ind, you can adjust the height of the element to be suspended by using the MX-HDI or MX-HDIM loosening wrenches. You have a practical borehole with a design that facilitates the insertion of the loosening wrenches. The design of the loosening wrenches makes them comfortable and safe to handle.

Secure, strong and vibration dampening

MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind does not require any kind of tightening, so it reduces the possibility of errors in the assembly process. On the other hand, it works with high loads and absorbs a high percentage of the vibrations from the elements it suspends. In this way, we can guarantee great results from an installation with our products.

The right kit for every installation

Find the MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind system that best suits your needs. This system is supplied in different diameters and terminations. With our product, you'll also find clear and simple technical advice for perfect installation at each stage of the project. It is advisable to consult the technical catalogue to properly design the installation of suspension elements.

Weight reduction of the installation by up to 1.5 tons

A traditional suspension system can involve an unnecessary load on structures. With the MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind system, we can eliminate up to one and a half tons of threaded rods and other accessories for every hundred kilos of components in an installation

Proven and patented product

The MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind system is patented and it is the only one that guarantees perfect results. Our system has proven efficiency thanks to strict and rigorous quality controls performed by accredited laboratories.

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