mx2-ind tensor

The best solution for joining and tensioning wire for industrial and construction use.

Includes hole to release the cable.

Adjustable and may be re-tensioned frequently

The internal mechanism of the MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind tensioner connector enables free passage of wire in the direction of the arrow, and it is blocked immediately when it is pulled in the opposite direction.

It is designed to make it easy to insert the wire.

Installation and advantages

  • Simple installation, with no expensive adjustments for nuts and bolts.
  • No tools required, therefore the risk of accidents due to dropping materials during aerial installation is reduced.
  • Reduces installation time by 80%.
  • Can be handled safely on site due to its lightness and ease of installation.
instalación tensor mx2-ind
Wire loosening and adjustment
Ajuste y destensado del alambre
  • MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind uses a combination of MAXTENSOR® MX-HDI and MX-HDIM loosening wrenches to adjust and loosen the wire.
  • t has a hole on either side to release the blocking mechanism by inserting the MAXTENSOR® loosening wrench.
  • To release the wire, the loosening wrench must be inserted into the smaller hole and then press until the wire holding mechanism is released (as shown in the illustration).
  • MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind is reusable.
  • MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind has a long useful life.

There are two models of MAXTENSOR® loosening tools available:

Simple and functional tool.
Recommended for moderate use.

See fact sheet »

Tool designed to be used in any working position, with straight and 90º angle tip. Ergonomic handle for easy grip. Recommended for intensive use.

See fact sheet »

Wire diameter rangeLoad limit
 1,5 – 2,5 mm
(0.06 – 0.10 inches)
 See the product catalog
  • Designed for ease of use with stranded steel cable.
  • Made with high-quality materials to ensure a long life.
  • All components are metallic.
  • Robust, reliable and long-lasting.
  • High mechanical strength and corrosion resistant.


Calculation methods and permissible loads

Prior to installation of the mx2-ind tensioner, a calculation must be made to determine the number of tensioners to use and the selection of the most suitable cable diameter for each application depending on load placement:

  • Point load
  • Evenly distributed load
  • Effect of suspending loads in a cable direction other than vertical


You can find more information about load calculations and safety in the MAXTENSOR® industry and construction catalogue.

Important recommendations

  • Make the necessary checks to verify that the construction element to be used for suspending the loads is capable of withstanding the weight of the load to be suspended.
  • Do not exceed the load limit recommended by MAXTENSOR®.
  • Ensure that the load is distributed properly across all the MAXTENSOR® suspension accessories.
  • Only use steel cable that is supplied in the MAXTENSOR® suspension accessory.
  • Always check that the self-blocking system of the adjustable/detachable tensioner (mx2-ind) for load suspension is completely engaged.
  • MAXTENSOR® suspension accessories must NOT be used under any circumstances as a load raising system.
  • Do NOT use the adjustable/detachable tensioner (mx2-ind) for joining cables together, in this case, the decrease in the load capacity of the adjustable/detachable tensioner (mx2-ind) would be 50%.
  • MAXTENSOR® suspension accessories are especially designed for suspending loads inside constructions and in dry environments. You should consult MAXTENSOR® when installing in outside environments or ones with high humidity levels.
  • Lubricants and paint should not be applied.
  • MAXTENSOR® suspension accessories must be kept clean to prevent them from becoming blocked or diminishing their load capacity.
  • It is advisable to wear safety goggles and gloves when handling and installing MAXTENSOR® suspension accessories.
  • It is advisable to leave the cable to protrude a minimum of 50 mm for possible adjustments when installing the adjustable/detachable tensioner (mx2-ind).


If the instructions for use are not followed, MAXTENSOR® suspension accessories may not function properly. MAXTENSOR® suspension accessories comply with the manufacturer’s specifications, who shall not be liable for possible damage caused to goods or persons due to improper use. MAXTENSOR® recommends reading the MAXTENSOR® industry and construction technical catalogue (page 11), for further information.

MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind has been designed for use with steel wire rope of diameters between 1.5 and 2.5 mm.

It enables loads of protruding structural elements such as girders, metal structures and any other protruding ones available in an industrial/commercial building to be suspended/secured, besides via false ceilings or other gaps between the precast slab elements which are accessible and strong. Among the main applications are to be found:

  • Suspension of air conditioning ducts
  • Suspension of cable trays for electrical cabling
  • Suspension of pipework
  • Suspension of fume extraction ducts
  • Suspension of luminaires
  • Suspension of posters
  • Suspension of signage
  • Any application that requires the securing and/or suspension of loads

Loop over girders or joists
Toggle systems in false ceilings
Thread + plug on ceilings
Fixing tubular elements
Fixing luminaires
Fixing trays
mx2-ind packaging
  • Plastic bag in a reinforced cardboard box.
  • Colour-coded label for reference and ease of identification.
  • Packaging size: 30 x 25 x 7 cm
  • Packaging weight: 6.2 kg
  • Contents of the box:
    250 units MAXTENSOR® MX2-ind
MAXTENSOR® catalogue Industrial Range (EN) – pdf 1,1 MB
MAXTENSOR® diptych Industrial Range (EN) – pdf 6 MB
MAXTENSOR® catalogue Industria y construcción (ES) – pdf 1,1 MB
MAXTENSOR® diptych Industria y construcción (ES) – pdf 6,6 MB
MAXTENSOR® catalogue Gamme industrielle (FR) – pdf 1,2 MB
MAXTENSOR® diptych Gamme industrielle (FR) – pdf 6,1 MB
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