The MAXTENSOR® MXS2-DT connector and tensioner is specially designed for joining and tensioning wires in vineyards, orchard trellises and livestock fences.

MAXTENSOR® products can be used both in new installations and for repairing damaged sections.

It includes two holes to release the wire

The MAXTENSOR® MXS2-DT connector and tensioner can be adjusted (1) and retensioned the wire as many times as necessary.

(1) As long as the wire is free of tension


MATENSOR® MXS2-DT is adjustable and reusable.

Suitable for use with barbed wire, electric fences and zinc-aluminum coated wires.

Made with high quality materials to ensure a long life.

All components are metallic.

High mechanical and corrosion resistance.

Robust, reliable and durable.

Technical specifications

Connector and tensionerWire diameter rangeLimit load
MXS2-DT1,4 – 2,2 mm
(0.06″ – 0.09″)
300 kg
(660 lb)
MX21,8 – 3,2 mm
(0.07″ – 0.13″)
400 kg
(880 lb)
MX2-DT1,8 – 3,2 mm
(0.07″ – 0.13″)
400 kg
(880 lb)
MXL2-DT 3,3 – 4,2 mm
(0.13″ – 0.17″)
 600 kg
(1320 lb)
MXS2-DT Front

Maximum reliability

The internal mechanism of the MAXTENSOR® MXS2-DT connector and tensioner allows the wire to advance freely in the direction of the arrow and to immediately lock when pulled in the opposite direction.

It is designed to feed the wire easily, smoothly and quickly to save installation time; with a strong locking mechanism; and with an ergonomic geometry to facilitate its manipulation.

MXS2-DT Rear

Patented system

Technology tested and validated around the world and in all types of weather conditions.

With millions and millions of units sold worldwide, the patented MAXTENSOR® system satisfies even the most demanding users throughout the world.

Manufactured in the European Union under strict specifications and high quality levels.

Easy to install

MXS2-DT Insert

How to insert the wires

Connectors and tensioners have two opposite inlet holes through which wires are inserted (2).

(2) Important: Leave a minimum length of 10 cm from the free end of the wire to the outlet hole of the tensioner (see image).

MXS2-DT Release

How to release and adjust the wire

The MAXTENSOR® MXS2-DT connector and tensioner can be adjusted (3) and tighten the wire as many times as necessary.

(3) As long as the wire is stress-free.

To do this, it has a small hole on each side of the body, through which the MX-HDI or MX-HDIM tools are inserted.

By inserting these tools and pressing slightly into the hole, the wire is released in such a way that it can be adjusted or removed again.


Simple and functional tool.
Recommended for moderate use.

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Tool designed to be able to act in any working position, with a straight and 90º angle termination. With ergonomic handle for easy grip. Recommended for intensive use..

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MXS2-DT Tension

How to tighten the wires

After inserting the wires, they can be tensioned by pulling one of them with the tensioning tool MAXTENSOR® MX-AC.

Save up to 70% time with MAXTENSOR® compared to traditional joining systems.


Made of polymer and steel core.
For moderate use.
Recommended maximum load 150 kg.

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Made of cast steel.
For intensive use.
Recommended maximum load 350 kg.

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Recommendations for use

MAXTENSOR® products can be used for a wide range of wires for agricultural and livestock use.

It is recommended to consult the technical department of Maxtensor Internacional S.L. on which would be the most suitable product depending on the application and the type of wire used.

Do not use the product outside the recommended diameter range.

Do not exceed the load limit of any product.

The indicated load limit is a static load value, and depends on the type of wire and diameter used.

If you think the product will be subjected to high loads, use wire diameters close to the maximum value of the range indicated on the product.

The dynamic loads produced by the wind, impacts, vibrations, can significantly increase the service loads on the wire.

It should be taken into account that dirt, chemicals and insects, among others, inside the product can jeopardize the proper functioning of the product.

Leave a minimum length of 10 cm from the free end of the wire to the outlet hole of the product.

Secure the free ends of excess wire.

Regularly check the status of the installation.


MXS2-DT Package


300 units MAXTENSOR® MXS2-DT



Plastic bag in reinforced cardboard box.

Box with identifying color by reference to facilitate identification.

Box dimensions: 30 x 25 x 7 cm

Full box weight: 5.7 kg


MAXTENSOR® Agricultura y ganadería (ES) – pdf 2,6 MB
MAXTENSOR® Farm and livestock line (EN) – pdf 2,5 MB
MAXTENSOR® Gamme agriculture et élevage (FR) – pdf 2,5 MB
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The MAXTENSOR® MX2-DT connector and tensioner is designed for joining and tensioning wires.

It is adjustable and reusable. Includes hole to release the wire.

For wire diameters between 1.8 – 3.2 mm.



Tensioner and connector for 3.3 to 4.2 mm diameter wire.

Maximum load 600 kg (1,320 lb).

Includes hole to release the cable.



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